Friday, March 13, 2009

Jough Dawn Baker

Jough Dawn Baker were a dark chaotic hardcore band from Bellingham, WA that existed in the mid to late 90's. Members of JDB have gone on to play in bands such as Heiress, Born Anchors, Caparza and Man Years. During their brief existence they released a self titled 7", a 12" split with Vade and had several songs featured on different compilations. Today's collection of downloads is my attempt at compiling their entire discography.
Self titled 7" (with sleeve art and lyric sheet scans)
Jough Dawn Baker / Vade Split 12"
4 tracks from various compilations (features the songs: Muttonfist from the Brewing comp, Bridgework from the Excursion comp, a cover of "Freedom" called Five Twenty Four by Rage Against the Machine from the All About Friends compilation and am untitled track of unknown origin)