Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Neon Blonde

When I was in high school, The Blood Brothers were one of the more popular up and coming bands in the area. I had all their 7"s and must have seen them live a dozen or more times before they even put out an album. My love for them was strong enough that over the years, I not only continued to follow their career but I've also followed all of the side projects the guys have been in as well. From Head Wound City to Champagne Champagne, I've found something to like in all of these projects... except for one. For some reason the output of Neon Blonde, the duo of Johnny Whitney & Mark Gajadhar, has continued to baffle me over the years despite repeated listens. I will admit that I enjoy some electroclash music, Hell, I even like listening to Jaguar Love's Hologram Jams sometimes when I'm running on the treadmill. But when I listen to Neon Blonde my brain screams "DOES NOT COMPUTE". To me they just sound like a boring version of Soiled Doves with occasional synth and drum machine. That's not to say they're bad, I just don't really dig them. But you might...
So here it is:
Neon Blonde's Discography

Friday, August 13, 2010

Suffering & The Hideous Thieves/The Hush Hush - Split

Here are the Suffering and the Hideous Thieves tracks from their split double disc with The Hush Hush. While not as polished as the tracks on Real Panic Formed, it still sounds amazing