Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Peter Parker - Migliore!

Peter Parker were (perhaps still are?) a glorious power pop trio that rocked my fuckin' socks off back in high school. The band consisted of Matt Paker on guitar/vocals, Mona Parker played bass/sang & Steve Parker (aka Steve the Producer) played drums. I first saw them play with Harvey Danger & Rat Cat Hogan somewhere in Olympia back in highschool & they blew me away with their rockin' pop sensibilities. I had actually met the members of the band before I ever heard them, a few of my friends in school were big fans of theirs & had befriended them & one year I ended up eating a St. Patricks Day feast of corned beef & cabbage with them at someone's house. I went and saw them play later that year & my girlfriend at the time bought a copy of this cd, their first album, at the show. Later, she made me a tape with this album on one side & studio versions of the set list from the Tori Amos show she dragged me to later that summer on the other. Needless to say, Migliore is the only side I ever listened to. I hadn't heard this album in around 8 years but recently tracked down a copy on cd. I was surprised to find that I remebered the words to most of the songs, which to me is an acknowledgement to how excellent & catchy this album really is.