Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mukilteo Fairies - Special Rites

More grindy hardcore goodness from those mid 90's noise monsters Mukilteo Fairies.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Homo Eradicus

I honestly don't know much about the band Homo Eradicus. I learned of them through the Is It... Dead? Northwest Hardcore compilation that came out in 2001 and featured bands like Raft of Dead Monkeys and Botch (speaking of which, if anyone out there has a cd copy of Is It... Dead? that they could hook me up with a rip of, that would be awesome). While they're just as aggressive and screamy as you'd expect from the local hardcore bands of the era, musically Homo Eradicus definitely fall to the slightly more technical side of the pile. Homo Eradicus featured members of Akimbo and Teen Cthulhu and singer Dylan Sharp went on to play in the Olympia based punk rock band Gun Outfit.
As always, if you've got any more info on a band or it's members, have any memories or need me to make a correction, feel free to leave a comment.