Friday, March 18, 2011

Brewing Compilation

The bands on this compilation really need no introduction as they are, or rather were, among the leading proponents of the mid 90's Northwest hardcore scene. Some people take umbrage at the use of the term 'hardcore' being used to describe bands outside of initial wave of hardcore during the early to mid 80's, but I can't think of a better term to describe the sounds that so many bands having been making, not only during the 90's, but all the way up to the present. To me, Nineironspitfire, Slowsidedown, Jough Dawn Baker and Botch and many, many other bands are just as worthy to a place on the hardcore mantle as classic first-wavers like Black Flag, Bad Brains and Minor Threat. But, in the end, labeling music as this genre or that genre is just as pointless as it is annoying. You either dig something or you don't. And if you dig the furious, screamy, pulsating throb of any one of the four bands with a track on this compilation, chances are you'll be glad you downloaded this thing.

Brewing (in wav format with scans of the covers and lyric book)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

John Q Fascist / The Displacements - Split 7"

Today's download is another of the old mid-90's Seattle punk rock 7"s I rescued during a flood we had down in the basement last winter. This split between John Q Fascist and The Displacements was one of my favorites back when I first started getting into local punk rock. I have to admit that I strongly I prefer the John Q Fascist side of this split, most likely because of the last track, Berserker, which has an intro sample from the movie The Warriors and an angry chorus whose lyrics are "No more fucking Nazi cops! Seattle Police can suck my cock!" The Displacements side of the record isn't at all terrible, I just never really found it to be that memorable. I have no idea what the members of either of these bands went on to do afterwards nor do I know if The Displacements were even from the Northwest, as this record was the only time I ever heard of them. If you were lucky enough to see some Northwest punk shows back in the day, I'm sure you'll appreciate this nostalgic trip down memory lane. And even if you weren't around back then, here's a chance for you to experience some of the sonically preserved chaos.
Split 7" (in wav format with scans of the front & back covers)