Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doomsday 1999 - Maniac On the Floor 12" & Racist Unicorn 7"

What is there to say about the almighty Doomsday 1999? They were a brutal, fierce, eardrum piercing grind/thrash band from Seattle. Members have/had played with the godforsaken Teen Cthulhu, the pulverizng Nervous System, the screeching Black Man White Man Dead Man, and the garishly costumed The Powers of Darkness Shall Reign Blood Upon This City For 500 Years.
Zack Carlson - Vocals + Travis Nakamura - Drums + Brandon Nakamura - Guitar/Vocals = 3 guys who have most likely experienced more hearing damage the any air traffic controller that ever lived.

If anyone out there has their demo or any bootlegs, please upload them somwhere & let me know where I can find them
Maniac On the Floor
Special thanks go out to bootarms for uploading the Racist Unicorn 7"

UPDATE: 2003 Demo and a live set can be found here

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