Monday, January 3, 2011

The Degenerats

Up until now, I've stuck to mostly posting indie, hardcore and screamo records. But, after coming across my small collection of old local punk rock 7"s in the basement, I've decided to start adding some of them into the mix.

The Degenerats were a street punk band from the greater Seattle area, perhaps remembered best for their song "Do Society a Favor, Die". I first saw them play at a show in the old Sorenson gymnasium in Woodinville with The Sheep, Schizoid, Flight 800, The Bloodclots & Bristle. Bristle were supposed to play last but ended up starting a riot in the parking lot which lead to headlights being smashed, bottles being tossed, the show being canceled and Sorenson refusing to put on any more concerts. The members of The Degenrats were Nils on vocals, Randy on guitar, Ryan on bass and Josh on drums. I'm not sure what any of the other guys have been up to, but I know that Nils went on to join Poxy, then Rabid Dogs and he now sings for The Greatest Hits.

The Degenerats 7" (includes scans of the front & back covers and the lyrics)

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