Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shoplifting - Body Stories

Shoplifting arose from the ashes of the first incarnation of Chromatics, who themselves had risen out of the remnants of The Vogue & Soiled Doves. Composed of members Hannah Blilie (drums/vocals), Melissa Lock (bass), Chris Pugmire (guitar/vocals) & Devin Welch (guitar/keyboards), Shoplifting pick up the post punk torch left behind by their former bands, though Shoplifting definitely has a more dance feel than Soiled Doves or Chromatics ever had. They released one album, Body Stories, and one EP before the members moved on to other projects such as The Gossip and Past Lives.


  1. Could you please re-upload this? I'm pretty sure you're the only one in the entire planet who has it.

  2. Sorry, I'm not reupping this one because it's still in print and readily available for purchase. I will however be posting an out of print cassette they released one of these days