Friday, March 16, 2012

Run Away Laughing

Before Waxwing, before Lying On Loot and before branching off into what has come to be an absolutely stellar solo career, Rocky Votolato was playing in a band with some high school friends called Run Away Laughing. This is an album that was released I believe sometime around '94 or '95 and it should definitely appeal to fans of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Thirty Ought Six or any of Rocky's other work
There are a few sound issues with this rip as my copy of this tape rarely left my walkman back in the day and is rather worn out at this point. If anyone out there has a better quality copy of this release I would be very grateful if you could upload it somewhere and send me a link.

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  1. Cool, thanks for posting this. I went to High School with all those guys and still them often. I played in Bugs in Amber, Slender Means and BCRP with Sonny, Rocky's older brother. Bugs in Amber is the band that basically after splitting up, turned into Waxwing and Bugs in Amber. We shared a drummer aswell. Justin Deary who played 2nd guitar plays in a band called "Whalebones." They just put out a really great new record. Another tid bit is that Cody, the youngest Votolato brother did the art for the cover of this tape. Anyway, if you have any questions about any of these bands just shoot me an email. There's a lot of info and bands involved and it's a pretty interesting and tangle web of people.

    Dave E. Martin