Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mocket - Fanfare

Having mentioned my love of analog synthsizers in the last post, I thought I'd continue on that track with one of my favorite 90's new wave bands, Mocket. I first experienced their synthy punk pop genius when they played with Atari Teenage Riot & Add N to (X) at RKCNDY in the summer of 98 or 99. Mocket opened the show and they were great. Their drummer played without a bass drum, instead, he wore a shoe with a drum trigger placed in it, which, as a drummer who'd recently fallen in love with classic drum machines, I thought was really cool. As soon as Mocket finished playing, I went & bought a few 7"s from them, then I fought my way back to the front of the stage, ready to see Add N to (X) & get my second synth fix of the night.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting Mocket's stuff. Helps those of us who purchased it back in the day on vinyl or what have you.

    The -Pro Forma- link worked but the ones for -Fanfare- and -Bionic Parts- did not download properly. If you could fix and re-post and send me a shout at when you have (if you can), that'd be great.

    Thank you much.