Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sicko / Mr T. Experience - Split 7"

Sicko were a glorious pop punk trio from Seattle that existed from the early to the late 90's. One of the first club shows I ever went to was when I got to go see Sicko open for Gas Huffer at the old Pioneer Square Theater in downtown Seattle. I had initially gone to the show solely for the Huffer but Sicko really blew me away with their short quick pop bursts. I also remember thinking that it was really cool when co-frontmen Ean and Denny traded bass and guitar duties halfway through their set. Today's download is a blast of pure pop punk joy, one of my favorite Sicko tracks entitled 80 Dollars, coupled with the track Together Tonight by The Mr T. Experience, a band that hail from Berkeley, CA.

Sicko/Mr T Experience split (in wav format with sleeve scans)

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