Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teen Cthulhu / Hollywood Mike Miranda - Split 7"

Hollywood Mike Miranda (bio taken from their myspace page): "Formed in 2000 over some beers at the Cha Cha in Seattle, Washington. Within two weeks the band had two singers, a guitarist, a drummer and a bass player. 6 weeks later the first show was played. We were dead by fall and had a series of shows over winter break. Between April-August 2000 and December 20, 2000-January 5(?) 2001 we played approximately 18 shows. It was fun."
Members: Zane Landreth - Drums (currently a sound guy in LA. Works with Devander Banhart, The Bronx and makes remixes and dance tracks in the duo FURY 666.) .... Rob Baum - Vocals (currently a social worker in Philly.) .... Burke - Guitar (currently in seattle investing money. Has played in Akimbo for last several years. Now in a new band.) .... Jacquie Little - Vocals (Currently still in Seattle. Has played in several bands since HMM.) .... Dylan Roadie - Bass (currently in Seattle. Has been drum teching for a while. Sang in a band in 2004 called STRT SPRX.)

Teen Cthulhu: "Armed with blast-beats eternal and distorted everything, Teen Cthulhu brings a fucking tornado of rusty blades and hammers down upon those who who dare approach the vaulted hallways of White Center, WA. Formed in the year Nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-eight, these men of Cthulhu prayed hard to the twin gods of Metal and Hardcore in search of the black path and were shown the way, walking hand in hand with unknowable terrors on the shores of blood oceans. These Clerics of the metal way have been given maxed out attribute bonuses and enchanted amplification in unholy aid to their Chaotic Evil quest, so be forewarned: Teen Cthulhu will roll a natural 20 and decapitate you in a single blow, no saving throw."
Brandon - Bass, Vocals, Dustin - Guitar, Hank - Keyboards, TJ - Guitar, Vocals, Travis - Drums

This 7" is pretty fucking sweet. Not only does it contain two songs by each band on one side, the other side contains a track written and performed by both bands.

Split 7" (with cover and insert scans)

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