Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Portal - Zantopoulos

Portal were an experimental instrumental band formed in the late 90's by members of the first incarnation of the band Vermilion. Portal's instrumentation, from what I can remember, consisted of guitar, bass, casio keyboards and a Boss drum machine - all used in conjunction with various effects pedals. Zantopoulos is an EP that was self-released on CDR by the group in '99 and was named after a former childhood classmate whose last name sounded like that of a futuristic city.

Zantopoulos (with artwork scans)

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  1. Thanks, man. I love this blog, and based on what you post, I'd be surprised if I didn't know you at some point. It seems like half the bands you've posted are friends of mine. I may have some stuff you'd want, then. Anyways, thanks.

    --Zach Malm