Monday, July 23, 2012

We have moved to a new location

Pungent Sound (Formerly known as He/Sheattle) is making some big changes. First off, the name of the blog was changed a little while back so we have moved to a fancy new location. Second, we have a new team member, the mighty Zardoz, who will soon be adding his blood, sweat, tears (and hopefully other bodily fluids as well) into the mix, along with his fantastic collection of and vast knowledge of the sort of music that should tie nicely in with what has been built up here these last several years. Thirdly, you can now follow Pungent Sound on facebook, so if you don't feel like going through the hassle of adding the new location to your reading list on blogger, you can just click the 'like' button on the Pungent Sound facebook page and stay updated that way.

Big thanks to every one who has been a part of the 36,390 page views we've accumulated throughout the years. For updates, re-ups, requests, etc. be sure to check out the new location. The best is certainly yet to come...

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