Sunday, January 11, 2009


Vade was a band that featured future-Blood Brothers, Johnny Whitney, & future Gossip member Hannah Blilie. (I don't know who else was in the band so please send me some info if you've got it). I got to see them once, when I was 12 or 13 years old, either with Lying on Loot or Run Away Laughing. I remember thinking they were very cool because all the members were only around 15/16 years old at the time & they had a girl in the band, which was pretty rare in the high school age band scene in the area at the time. In the mid nineties, Vade, along with Jough Dawn Baker & Karp, were among my favorite screamo/hardcore bands. Vade released a split 12" with Jough Dawn Baker, a 7" and a demo cassette. Johnny & Hannah also played together in the bands The Vogue & Soiled Doves a few years after Vade (see earlier post - The Vogue).
Saturn 7"
Vade side of the split w/ Jough Dawn Baker
Self-titled cassette


  1. Vade was awsome. The band members were

    Jordan Blilie= bass/vocals
    Johnny Whitney= vocals
    Devin Welch= Guitar
    Hannah Blilie=Drums
    Mark Gajadhar=Guitar

    I had the demo tape when i was in high school but somebody (Rutkowski) took it an never gave it back.

  2. i lost the tape too.