Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Vogue - As Brass & Satin

The Vogue
are most famous for being a side project of members of The Blood Brothers and featured Adam Miller, Hannah Billie, Johnny Whitney, Casey Wescott and Devin Welch. Johnny Whitney & Devin Welch were both in Blood Brothers - though Devin left Blood Brothers before their first album came out. Johnny & Hannah Blilie had previously played together in the awesome hardcore/screamo band Vade. Hannah is also the twin sister of Jordan Blilie, the other vocalist in Blood Brothers. The Vogue released a self titled 7" and an album called As Brass & Satin (both on Made In Mexico Records) before eventually becoming the band Soiled Doves after the departure of their keyboard player. Soiled Doves broke up in 2001, their album Soiled Life came out two years later on GSL. Since then, Devin Welch & Hannah Blilie played together in the band Shoplifting, Hannah also now drums for the band The Gossip. Devin is currently in the band Past Lives with Jordan Blilie, Mark Gajadhar & Morgan Hederson, all ex members of Blood Brothers. Johnny Whitney is currently in the band Jaguar Love with Cody from Blood Brothers & Jay from Pretty Girls Make Graves
As Brass & Satin
The Vogue's 7" Ep can now be found here

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