Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mukilteo Fairies

The Mukilteo Fairies are of often mislabeled as 'punk' but were basically a screamy grindcore band. They are probably most famous for their hilarious name (a play on the name of a local ferry line) & for the bands that the members went on to play in. Today's download is a collection of all the songs from the Closet Check EP & a few compilation tracks, everything I've manged to track down by them so far.
Jason Reesce (also in: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, Honeybucket) John Quittner / Quitty (also in: Bastard Bitch, Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, Brent's TV, Dukes of Burl, Honeybucket, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Special Friend, Tight Bro's From Way Back When, Witchypoo) Joshua Plague (also in: Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, The Special Friend) Rebecca Basye (also in: The Emerald Down)
Take a ride with the Fairies
Special Rites EP available here


  1. do you have a tracklist for the closet check ep? i can't find it anywhere. i would be sooo happy

  2. I do! I have this EP, so I'll look in the index and give you the track list!

  3. Is there any chance that you can re-upload this, please?