Sunday, February 1, 2009

Soiled Doves

Soiled Doves is the name that The Vogue started going by after their keyboardist left the band (see earlier post: The Vogue). Soiled Doves broke up in 2001, their album "Soiled Life" came out posthumously on GSL in 2003. The picture above is taken from the Soiled Doves 7" which contains two tracks from the aforementioned album. As Johnny Whitney began to focus more on Blood Brothers, Soiled Doves mutated into the band The Chromatics, who then morphed into Shoplifting.
Soiled Life (*
re upped with bonus track taken from the GSL 50 comp)


  1. Any chance for a re-upload on this? I cannot find it anywhere online.

  2. I re upped the album & added a bonus track. My cd seems to be missing so these were pulled from my ipod